Services designed to fit the individual needs of you and your family.

Everyone faces challenges in life. But those challenges can be amplified when you or someone you love has special needs. Anxiety, worry,  and frustration are common reactions. Some days it can be hard to find hope amidst the stress of just trying to get through the day. Together we can define the goals, skills, and supports you need to make a meaningful difference in your life today. 

My Approach...

All my therapeutic techniques are enacted with collaboration and compassion and individualized to your needs. I use many techniques commonly found in applied behavior analysis (ABA), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). These can include goal setting, functional behavioral assessment, direct instruction, role-play and rehearsal, thought records, data review, journaling, and exploration of personal values. When working with small children, I involve parents and provide parent training in order to generalize skills learned in therapy to the home and other environments. 


Areas of Expertise...

  • Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) anddevelopmental disabilities from preschool through adulthood
  • Families and caregivers (e.g., parents, grandparents, siblings) of individuals with special needs
  • Adolescents with ASD anddevelopmental disabilities facing typical struggles of adolescence (e.g., hygiene, friendship, bullying, sexuality and relationships)
  • Individuals with ASD and developmental disabilities transitioning into adulthood
  • Individuals with ASD and developmental disabilities struggling with anxiety and worry
  • Children who demonstrate challenging behavior in the home setting. 

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Individual Counseling




Counseling consists of assessment and treatment of the client's individual needs. Counseling goals will be mutually determined and a supportive approach that focuses on each individual's strengths will be used to achieve these goals. Each client will find support and learn skills that they can  use to adapt to challenges in his/her life. 



Parent Training




Being the parent of a child with special or behavioral needs can be challenging and stressful. Parent training is offered in both individual and group formats to give parents the necessary skills to help their child achieve success. In parent training, clients are given education and skills they need to help them be empowered and make meaningful changes at home. 



Social Skills Coaching and Skill Building Groups





Groups are tailored to the individual needs of each child while working on structured, goal-oriented skills that will facilitate friendships and enhance relationships. Groups include social skills for all ages, transition skills for teens and young adults, assertiveness and problem solving skills, and sibling support groups. 



Parent Support




Many parents of children with autism and other special needs find themselves feeling lonely, stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious. Together we can practice skills that teach you how to better cope with these feelings so that you and your family grow together. 



Direct Teaching




Some children and adolescents require direct teaching of skills in order to make progress or assist in generalizing skills. Each client will be  assessed for a baseline level of the target skill, goals will be individually tailored, and progress will be tracked with data. 



Lectures and Seminars




I am available to provide lectures and seminars to professional and student audiences. Please contact me for a list of topics offered and be advised that I can tailor trainings to your specific needs. Here are sample trainings that I have provided:

  • Training Functional Life Skills for Teens with Autism
  • Sexuality and Hygiene Skills for Adolescents with Autism
  • Basic and Advanced Strategies in Reinforcement
  • I Can Do It Myself! Teaching Independence Skills to Children with Disabilities